12/9/21 - Today is another day for learning. We never stop learning and growing.

12/12/21 - Today is Sunday. I have been without lights and the internet for two days.  I am so thankful they are on to stay. Friday nigh storm was bad. However, we are blessed to be here. I need my internet for the job.

I have been looking at some things to do. I am going to put more into my business, Park Lane Jewelry. I will get more involved with NAACP, Memphis Chapter. Jada and Laila are members as well. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW), Memphis Chapter will alway be on my front burner. Staying busy is the best thing to keep moving.

Love, Enette H

12/13/21 - Today is another blessed day. All is well with me and my family. The girls are looking forward to the last week of school until next year. I am counting my blessing. The Lord is so Good to me.

~ Enette H

12/14/21 - Today is another Great day. Jada get into a fight at school with a boy. The Lord worked things out for the Good. Only he can do it. I am so thankful! 

The pictures below are my sisters on Thanksgiving, oldest sister birthday (Oct) with her three other sisters, and My Laila birthday in (Dec).

~Love Enette H


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